Shackled Maiden Katy Cee

Another excellent set from Shackled Maidens, this time newcomer Katy Cee chained, handcuffed and collared being very submissive.


Paintoy Moxxie

A situation for Moxxie: from paintoy to a fucktoy. Extreme humiliation, pain and torture followed by rough penetrations with huge dildos. Could she handle all that? Visit Pain Toy and you will see.


Hot blonde slave Scarlett bound and gagged in the garage

Slave Scarlett is a spoiled brat and she likes to be tied up comfortably in a warm place. Once again her boyfriend decided to move some limits and he left her tied up and gagged almost naked in a cold garage.

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Sex slave Felicia bound and gagged in pantyhose

Bound and horny in the living room waiting for her boyfriend, as you can see there is so much excitement in Felicia’s eyes…

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Lola’s painful punishment

She enjoyed the pain which was getting more and more intense until the point she couldn’t take it. But she knew the punishment was deserved and she didn’t object in any moment.


Young slaveslut Lux tied and tortured

Young slave Lux misbehaved and deserved a rough punishment. Being a natural born submissive and masochist, it wasn’t a problem to go through it all… tight bondage, spanking, torture and humiliation.

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Pupett chained completely in latex

Pupett had to prepare herself for Mistress as she was ordered to wait chained, gagged and blindfolded. She grabbed her head-to-toe black latex catsuit which only had two small holes to breath. It took her some time to chain herself but at the end as you can see she has done it.

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Hottest UK models bound and gagged

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Hot young slave bound in straitjacket

Girls who like bondage also like straitjackets and here is a proof of that. This slave just can’t get enough of being bound in straitjacket.

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Extreme spanking in bondage

Another selection of extreme spanking in bondage from Mood Pictures.

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