Amateur BDSM slaves

Slave Farm is the community to find your new slave online. People who reside there are real Masters, Mistresses and slaves so be sure to join them.

The ultimate place to find your new slave: SLAVE FARM

Two slaves whipped and tortured

Madison and Felix were novice slaves at that time and they didn’t know that the orders given were strict and should not be disobeyed. Extremely painful punishment happened the next day, let’s see how will they obey the new set of orders.

Hard core pain, torture and extreme BDSM: PAIN TOY

Extreme punishment of slave Lola

Sexy slave Lola has a fear of flying and heights, so let’s spice up her whipping punishment so she faces her fears at the same time…

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Cute amateur slave Violet bound, gagged and tit tortured

Violet is a cute amateur who likes bondage but has low pain tolerance. Her boyfriend didn’t like that and he has decided to move her limits a bit higher. What else is better for that than a tit torture? Visit Amateur Bound to see the whole set.

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Straitjacket bound

Ballerinas are sexy and cute and I like this one even better since she is nicely bound in a straitjacket. Happy New Year everybody!

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Beautiful Ashley Renee bound and abused in a sexy corset

There’s no piece of fetish clothing that won’t fit perfectly to the bondage queen Ashley Renee. Corsets which are objects of fetish for a long time aren’t exception to that rule. So check out today’s gallery with Ashley Renee bound, gagged and abused in a sexy violet corset. And of course visit her site for more.

Visit the bondage queen ASHLEY RENEE

Training of slave Tiffany

Delicate young slavegirls like Tiffany require special treatment during their training of submission, obedience and discipline. However it’s their own responsibility to become real slavegirls and Tiffany knew that so her submissive behavior was on top during slave training.


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Lesbian latex fetish domination

There must be some incredible chemistry between Jill Diamond and Pupett. In each and every session with the two of them you can see the intense girl on girl action in great latex fetish outfits. Lots of girl kissing, sensory deprivation, latex bondage, latex outfits and a hot lesbian domination and submission.

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Pissing humiliation of an imprisoned slavegirl

Slave Crystel was imprisoned in an old cold cellar, completely naked, chained to the wall and a heavy steel ball with her hands handcuffed behind her back. Then came the desperate urge to pee, however there was no toilet and she had to spend at least one more day chained like that in the cellar. Guard’s strict order was: No peeing in the cellar, however her urge was stronger than her and she did it. Be sure to visit Shadow Slaves to see how did the guard punish her for disobedience.

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Ulorin Vex at Shackled Maidens

Ulorin Vex is one of my favorite fetish models and Shackled Maidens is one of my favorite bondage sites. So here it is, a selection of photos of miss Ulorin Vex bound, restrained, shackled, in straitjacket, bound with leather armbinder and a leather neck corset, naked or dressed up in latex…

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