Brutally punished slaves

Sometimes punishment is easy, sometimes not. Check out the gallery of the really brutal slave punishments from Mood Pictures.

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Mood Pictures

This is could be the most extreme BDSM you will see on this site… Really brutal punishment of slaves in bondage. Check out the gallery and check out Mood Pictures clicking on the link bellow.

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Busty tattooed slave Jenni struggling in bondage

This was Jenni’s first time in bondage and she desperately wanted to try it. Being bound, gagged and helpless turned her on, if you take a closer look at her panties you’ll notice she was quite wet.

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Young amateur slave Bailey bound and tape gagged

Another curious bondage virgin is Bailey. She didn’t know how to tell her boyfriend that she wants to be tied up so she told it to her best female friend who tied and gagged her just as she wanted.

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Madison Young bound, humiliated and buttplugged

Madison Young was always a tough bitch, even in the earlier days. As you can see from the photos bellow where she is bound, humiliated, spanked and buttplugged with a cold metal butt plug.

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Penthouse pet Kyla Cole naked in bondage

Kyla Cole is one of the hottest models on Sexy Settings. She looks absolutely great and even better in bondage. Here are some samples of her in bondage.

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Jasmine enjoys bedroom bondage sex

Submissive Jasmine enjoys being bound and helpless by her boyfriend very much. After waiting bound in the bedroom she knows she can expect hot bondage sex. You can see the excitement in her eyes.

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Amateur BDSM slaves

Slave Farm is the community to find your new slave online. People who reside there are real Masters, Mistresses and slaves so be sure to join them.

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Two slaves whipped and tortured

Madison and Felix were novice slaves at that time and they didn’t know that the orders given were strict and should not be disobeyed. Extremely painful punishment happened the next day, let’s see how will they obey the new set of orders.

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Extreme punishment of slave Lola

Sexy slave Lola has a fear of flying and heights, so let’s spice up her whipping punishment so she faces her fears at the same time…

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