Slave Farm

After over a decade of being online, Slave Farm is one of the oldest BDSM sanctuaries on the whole internet. It’s a place for every bondage enthusiast and if you feel like one, I am sure I won’t have to tell you twice to go there.

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Two horny naked submissive girls in chains

What could be better than a naked submissive girl in chains? Two naked submissive girls bound in chains of course.

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Public bondage and humiliation

Outdoor humiliation is not for exactly every submissive girl. It takes a bit more to go out and expect the punishment and humiliation where someone can see you.

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Blonde slavegirl tied tightly with the leather armbinder

Leather armbinders are nice helpers to keep the naughty slavegirls in tight bondage.

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Stylish girls in tight rope bondage

It doesn’t matter how fancy and stylish some girls are, they most likely adore bondage. Just look how the girls enjoy themselves in tight ropes.

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Slavegirl in chains

Everybody likes young slavegirls in bondage. So here she is: nude slave girl in chains for all.


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Bondage threesome with Ashley Renee and friend

Ashley Renee and her busty friend got into some serious trouble. Master wasn’t too happy with them so he quickly tied them up and and decided to have some bondage sex fun.

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Hot slave Scarlett is tied up and helpless

Slave Scarlett is a piece of pure blonde hotness. She is also very submissive what you can see from the photos bellow. Her boyfriend tied her up in the garage and started to play with her.

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Tied virgin Sapphire

Sapphire was young, super hot and a bondage virgin. She is still young and super hot but definitely not a bondage virgin anymore.

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Classy birds in tight bondage

Fully clothed but still very sexy. Bondage Bob made sure that his girls got tied very tightly.

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