Humiliated whore

Cherry was a pathetic whore who deserved a harsh punishment. However pain itself wasn’t enough so the psychological impact was important too and is there any better method than humiliation for that?

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Sexy submissive Rachael bound in bedroom

Sexy Rachael found herself bound and gagged in the bedroom by her kinky boyfriend. Resistance and struggling was futile as she couldn’t get out of the tightly tied ropes.

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Submissive Lena Ramon bound and pussy whipped

Lena Ramon showed up for a slave training session with unshaven pussy and that was strictly against the Master’s rules. At first, she thought there won’t be any problems with that, but when she felt the lashes of a flogger on her pussy she knew that was the punishment.

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Nude Ashley Renee enslaved in chains

Chains indeed do bind like no other and Ashley obviously found that out in this bondage session. She was left chained and gagged in the closet for few hours and struggling was futile, chains didn’t want to let her go.

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Ashley Renee as a schoolgirl in the bondage sex roleplay

Guess who was a bad student? No one else but Ashley Renee. And bad students do get punished for being naughty. In this case punishment was hard core bondage sex.

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Bedroom bondage with slave Cindy

Cindy enjoys hard core bedroom bondage sex. You can tell that from the look in her eyes on the pictures bellow.

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Sexy slave Sapphire struggling bound and gagged

With the every new gallery Sapphire is looking better and better bound and gagged. So here she is bound, gagged and struggling.

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Outdoor torture and humiliation in the cold rain

The bitch didn’t do good with her daily tasks so she deserved a cruel and humiliating punishment that day. Ideal day for outdoor torture and humiliation since it was a cold weather and rain. Hopefully she’ll do better next day.

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Asian maid becomes a victim of slavery and torture

Asian house maids are known as cheap and good labor force but this slutty whore wasn’t of that kind. She was lazy and the proper punishment was the only solution for her to become a better maid.

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Outdoor bondage suspension

This busty MILF slut had no problems with being naked outdoors so why wouldn’t she be used properly. As bondage suspension was something she always wanted to try, it was a great chance for that. Rope here and there and in 5 minutes she was hanging suspended in bondage from a tree.

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