Bedroom bondage with slave Sapphire

Sapphire is a young sexy slave who looks awesome bound and gagged. Who wouldn’t want to see more of her?

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Slave Emily punished in outdoor bondage

Being punished outdoors is something what sounded like a crazy idea to slave Emily. What if anyone will see her punished and humiliated? But as you can see, this slave passed another test successfully.

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Bridgett Harrington humiliates slave Zoe

Zoe is one of those slavesluts who can always take more of pain, punishment and humiliation. Bridgett knew that so there were no limits in this game of bondage, punishment and humiliation.

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Slave Madison Young tortured in cage

Madison was kept in her cage for a whole day alone in the room. Just as her Master approached to the cage she had to take all of her clothes. He had a leather hood and few toys in his hands so the games with enslaved Madison could begun.

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Rihanna blindfolded and teased

Her kinky boyfriend just can’t stop playing with her. This time he tied her hands, blindfolded her and started to tease her in various wicked ways. Be sure to visit Sexy Settings to see what he did to her.

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Cute Felicia bound by her boyfriend

Felicia was home alone so her boyfriend dropped by. Long story short, she had a bunch of rope that she wanted him to tie her up with. It didn’t take long until she found herself bound with her ass up on a kitchen table.

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Sexy sub Rihanna hogtied in white lingerie

Rihanna found a new boyfriend and was suspicious about him how kinky was he. There was no need to wait for long since when she appeared in his bedroom in white lingerie the first thing he asked was if he could tie her up like that. You can tell from the pics she liked it and got from him more than expected.

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Young submissive Claire Adams in bondage

This set is a true bondage classic. Young submissive Claire Adams bound, blindfolded and dominated by Bridgett Harrington. Being a Claire Adams fan since the day one, this really brings good memories!

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Bondage Slave Farm

Besides looking at the photos of enslaved girls, I am sure you would like to make a contact with them too, wouldn’t you? No better place for that than Slave Farm.


Slave Jill Diamond captured

After extremely bizarre torture, Mistress has decided to release slave Jill Diamond from this hanging torture device. Just as Jill thought the torture was over, it actually wasn’t. She was taken down to a dark basement to be enslaved in heavy metal stocks.

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